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Hello World - Introducing the Freeborn Charles Blog

February 24, 2020

Welcome to the Freeborn Charles Blog

Hello world,

Welcome to my blog - The Freeborn Charles Blog. Here I will be sharing my thoughts and learnings on the modern web development - JavaScript, React, Gatsby and the JAMstack.

I’m particularly interested in JavaScript and the ecosystem. And so will be starting the blog with a series of articles on the core fundamentals of the JavaScript language.

I have a background in Computer Science, Front-End Web development, technical writing and building of developer communities - currently leading the Google Developer Group, GDG Warri and the Facebook Developer Circles, Warri, both in Nigeria.

My transition into technical writing was influenced by my work with the freeCodeCamp - I was a volunteer editor for the freeCodeCamp for over one and a half years.

What to expect from me?

You should expect to see articles on the modern web development. I’d be writing on the following -

  • JavaScript
  • React
  • Gatsby
  • The JAMstack
  • Python

Thanks for visiting and keep an eye on this blog.

Welcome to my digital garden where I share my learnings and cogitations on the modern web development - JavaScript and its ecosystem, React, Gatsby, JAMstack - all written by Charles Freeborn a front-end developer and technical writer. Follow me on:Twitter|GitHub